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2nd Speech Center Testimonials

Here's a big "thank you" to everyone who's written to tell us about their experiences. Although we publish only selected comments, all submissions are read, considered, appreciated ... and important.

  • Redefined the TTS experience and has taken it to a whole new level
    i TTS webpages a lot so i pretty much exclusively use "watch clipboard" all the time. i really appreciate the new features in version 4 that make this workflow a lot better! the new enhancements so far has really redefined the TTS experience and has taken it to a whole new level. thanks for continuing to improve this awesome program!
    - Allen
  • Its very good! this has got to be one of the best text-to-speech programs out there today
    Its very good! this has got to be one of the best text-to-speech programs out there today. And thats pretty much all i use it for, to laugh my @$$ off! I made it sing Du Hast Mich with the german voice too! Its also very good for people that have some kind of reading issue.
    - TJ
  • This is one of the best text-to-speech product
    This is one of the best text-to-speech products I've come across. For example, it does a great job with two-column, .pdf articles. A lot of speech reading software, e.g. Kurzweil (starting at $1,000) don’t automatically know read down one column and then the next. This product does, and it does it quickly while ignoring extraneous banner text. This software is a keeper.
    - CGilbee_2000
  • I use 2nd Speech Center to generate custom spoken dialog that tell me exactly what I need
    Thanks for making a great product. I use it for "audio triggers" during gaming, if you are interested. Basically, a program scans log text and if it finds a predefined string, it will trigger a sound file. However, bleeps, bloops and dings do not tell me much, so I use 2nd Speech Center to generate custom spoken dialog that tell me exactly what I need to do instead of trying to figure out what two beeps mean. I also use it to generate custom ringtones that tell me who is calling.
    - Robin Iwamoto
  • ...What a wonderful surprise, that speech files could be created so easily...It worked well and I will continue to use the program extensively for individualizing studies in my classroom...
    - Mary Lou Myers
  • ...I really like its simplicity and the well written instructions as I am new to this...
    - Joe Allen
  • ...My old parents enjoyed the software because they are too old to read texts all day long! Praise the Lord! And thank you once again for the excellent software!...
    - Margaret Ang
  • ...I tried several text-to-speech packages and found yours to fit the needs closer than the others...
    - Kenneth Miller
  • This would be a great product for the sight impaired.
    - Kristen
  • I found this an extremely useful program. I have lots of stuff to read and can't always be bothered. Some of the voices are still a little like daleks but better than a lot I have heard. I have recommended this software to my friends already.
    - Bob
  • I really like your text to speech software!
    I really like your text to speech software! I was using read please but it was just to hard to have to cop and paste everything but then again it was free. I am in my trial time with your software and I do believe that I will end up purchasing it. I take my college courses on line and it is so much easier just to let the computer read all of the content while I close my eyes and relax. It is almost like I am in class listening to a lecture. I just tought i would drop you a few lines to let you know you are doing a great job. Ill be looking forward to your upgrades later on.
    - Jennifer Millwood
  • I'm loving 2ND SPEECH CENTER. It's perfect for proofing memos, documents, scripts...everything!
    - Greg Saunders
  • Your software it's very nice !!!
    - capravia
  • Second Speech Center! It Is Really Very Effective.
    - Prasanna Jain
  • I just tried out "2nd Speech Center" and I think it's quite good. Nice job.
    - Jim
  • Thank you for your quick response. I do like the product and it is quite easy to use.
    - Miles Schumacher
  • Thanks for the wonderful customer support.
    - Dominic P. Renda, Jr.
  • Easy to use.
    - Tom Collins
  • Its all working perfectly now thanks so much for your prompt reply!!
    - Ted
  • Many thanks for your helpful and VERY prompt reply!
    - David & Deanne
  • I appreciate your quick response and excellent customer service. This is another good reason for me to continue to recommend your product. Thanks Again.
    - Kirk Noel
  • Thank You very much for speedy reply to my request.
    - Steven Coker
  • thanks for your overwhelming response, on behalf of my sir i am thanking you cordially. we are greatful to your company and to you also.
    - tapash
  • I like your product very much
    I must say I like your product very much, since our business language is in english I use this tool when I have to "digest" a lot of text. I can then use both eyes and ears to take in the text much faster. I also like the voice "ATT 1.4 DTNV crystal16", it is almost impossible sometimes to hear it is synthetic.
    - Patrik Kallback
  • Thank you. This is the best program I have ever purchased. I have used it on my blog. Turning the text to mp3 is a great thing. Thanks again.
    - Mary Goodman
  • We love the product and often tell folks to purchase it
    Last night around 9 p.m, I contacted you concerning a problem with my registration and within 1 hour the problem was resolved. Diana Keller replied within that hour and we are now using 2nd Speech Center on our new computer. Thanks so much for having a great product and customer service people. We love the product and often tell folks to purchase it. Thanks once again!
    - Debbie Logan
  • Thank you very much for your quick & friendly support :-)
    - Bernard Kornfeld
  • Thank you for helping me out, it is such a grate product and good for UNI.
    - Liam Browne
  • I have been a customer of yours for a long time, and many pieces of software have come and gone form my system - no longer needed or used. Yours just keeps getting better with time. Thank you.
    - Todd Wildrick
  • I'm writing to let you know that I tried your 2nd Speech Center and liked it enough to purhcase it. I want you to know that I saw it listed with other text-to-speech players on Hitsquad.com. It came down to yours and another one but yours won out on flexibility. For example with 2nd Speech Center you can add emphasis to an individual word. Many thanks for an interesting product.
    - Cameron Dix
  • Your software is awesome. I will be adding a positive testimonial to the cnet website.
    - Kevin
  • I purchased your software about 5 months ago and I am very pleased with it, thanks for a great product. I am an on-line student, and I use 2nd Speech to download the required chapters for my classes, read-save them as a MP3 file, so I can study while I'm driving from and to work (usually I drive about 8 hours a week).
    - David Gonzalez
  • First of all, congratulations for your program, 2nd Speech Center is the most flexible, configurable and feature rich text to speech program that I know. ...
    - slevhan
  • I just bought your program. It is far superior to anything I have seen. ...
    - Jim
  • Thank you for 2nd Speech. I have tried other programs and returned them. 2nd Speech is the best by far. I figured you deserved to hear this. This programs sounds like someone is in my room reading to me. It is better than I expected.
    - Paul Beriault
  • Thanks for your help, and for your product.? it has been a blessing.
  • First I want to say thank you, this is a great program. I have been looking for something like this for quite some time and this is the most stable program that I found.
    - Mona
  • I love your atts product. I use it constantly and I recommend it to my friends.
    - Dan
  • I have just purchased your TTS application, following a successfull trial. I like it very much - it's good value for money.
    - Garry Lowther
  • Thanks again for your quick reply.
    - Tamru E. Belay Mr.
  • I appreciate the quick response.
    - Paul Silverman

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