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2nd Speech Center Faqs

If have a technical support question about 2nd Speech Center, there's a good chance your answer is on this page. If not, or if you need further explanation, please go to our Support Page.

Product Technical Faqs

  • I have a text file(C:\My Documents\Stock.txt). How to make IISC read it back to me?

    It's very easy.
    1. Click File > Open to add C:\My Documents\Stock.txt to the play list.
    2. Click on the "Stock" tab to make sure it's the current document.
    3. Click Playback > Read Aloud.
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  • Is there a shortcut to convert text files to mp3 files?

    Yes. In the Windows® Explorer, right-click on a .txt files and select Read to MP3 command from the context menu. Please wait for a moment when converting.
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  • Where I can download more voices from?

    You can download more voices/speech engines from http://www.zero2000.com/free-text-to-speech-natural-voices.html.
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  • Does IISC support command lines?

    IISC has a powerful command lines processor. It allows you to do many operations. Please refer the HELP file in 2nd Speech Center or contact us for more details.
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  • Could IISC be configured to work with AT&T's Natural Voices?

    Yes. 2nd Speech Center can work with AT&T's Natural Voices very well. AT&T's Natural Voices is compatible with SAPI4.0 and SAPI5. IISC just uses SAPI4.0 and SAPI5.
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  • Is it possible for me to make voice files so I can use my own voice for some lessons?

    I must say it's very difficult to make voice/speech engine files. You must learn lots of professional and complicated rules about Microsoft Text-To-Speech technology, and more....

    As a shortcut, you can download more free voices for more languages at http://www.zero2000.com/free-text-to-speech-natural-voices.html. Enjoy!

    If you really want to DIY a speech engine, please visit http://www.microsoft.com and search with "sapi" or "speech".
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  • Can I stop and start the reading so that the listener can do some task and then return to the reading?

    Just press the Pause/Resume button (the third big button) when reading.
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  • The Pronunciation Manager UI rejects "UNIX's" entered in the "Word:" field as having illegal characters.

    Yes. It's a limitation of most of speech engines. You can only type a single word to the "Word:" field, no space, ', ", etc.
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  • Does your program use the clipboard or when using word can I open file and just save as: wav or mp3?

    Yes. 2nd Speech Center supports the clipboard. But you can't save the clipboard as wav/mp3 directly. You should paste the clipboard to 2nd Speech Center first and convert the text file to wav/mp3.
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  • How to ignore unwanted text at the end of a document, such as "see more at:..."?

    You can use the Pronunciation Editor to do this. Just replace "see more at:" with ".<volume level="0">". All the text after "see more at:" will be ignored.

    NOTE: This trick is only for SAPI5 voices.
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