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Converts any text into natural-sounding speech or even MP3 audio files! 2nd Speech Center is an award winning Text To Speech software that lets you listen to Word Documents, Emails, Web Pages, PDF Files and any other text files instead of viewing on screen. You can listen on your PC or create audio files for use on portable devices like iPods, PocketPCs and CD players.

You can complete following conversions with 2nd Speech Center in just a few clicks:

text to speech conversions

2nd Speech Center also lets you:

  • Save time and get more done by listening while you drive, shop, exercise or travel.
  • Improve your reading efficiency and comprehension by listening to text.
  • Reduce eye strain from too much reading.
  • Learn English or other languages. You can slow down reading speed freely to learn the pronunciation.
  • Make proofreading effective, help a senior citizen with low vision, amuse your kids by letting your PC read stories to them, send a spoken email to a friend, create messages for your answering machine, and much much more...
"a nifty little utility that lets you listen to the text on your screen rather than read it"

2nd Speech Center is a nifty little utility that lets you listen to the text on your screen rather than read it. Just highlight the text, copy it to the Clipboard, and 2nd Speech Center does the rest.
It supports several languages, and unlike many text-to-speech programs, it lets you adjust pronunciation. The program has a number of voices-male and female-to choose from, and it lets you encode your selections to MP3 or WAV format to listen to later.


2nd Speech Center Features

2nd Speech Center is an easy to use and super-powerful text to speech software. Don't let its small size fool you! It's filled with features...

  • Support Various Text File Formats - 2nd Speech Center can open and read Microsoft Word Documents (.doc;.docx), Rich Text Formats (.rtf), Emails (.eml), Web Pages (.htm;.html), PDF Files (.pdf) and any other plain text files directly.
  • Support Multiple Languages - Including American English, British English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, etc.
  • Toolbar for Internet Explorer - An optional handy text-to-speech toolbar on your Internet Explorer.
  • Multiple Output Modes - Output synthesized speech either to your speakers or to audio files. Choose between MP3 and WAV audio file formats.
  • Pronunciation Editor - This feature is useful when you want to change the spelling of words, or separating syllables, corrects a word's pronunciation.
  • Control Tags - The standard text-to-speech control tags can be embedded in the source text to improve the prosody of text-to-speech translation.
  • Alarm & Reminders - Just as an alarm clock, 2nd Speech Center can announce time to you every special interval depend on your settings. And 2nd Speech Center also maintains a reminders list to remind you of your important business.
  • Powerful Command Lines - As an advanced user, you can use the command lines of 2nd Speech Center to do you want to do.
  • More Features...
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"Don't STRAIN Your Eyes Reading Your Screen... Listen To Documents, Emails Or Web Pages Directly Instead Of Viewing On Screen!"

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Customer Testimonials

  • one of the best text-to-speech programs

    Its very good! this has got to be one of the best text-to-speech programs out there today. And thats pretty much all i use it for, to laugh my @$$ off! I made it sing Du Hast Mich with the german voice too! Its also very good for people that have some kind of reading issue.

    - TJ

  • I must say I like your product very much

    I must say I like your product very much, since our business language is in english I use this tool when I have to "digest" a lot of text. I can then use both eyes and ears to take in the text much faster.

    - Patrik Kallback

  • 2nd Speech is the best by far

    Thank you for 2nd Speech. I have tried other programs and returned them. 2nd Speech is the best by far. I figured you deserved to hear this. This programs sounds like someone is in my room reading to me. It is better than I expected.

    - Paul Beriault

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