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2nd Speech Center Version Changes

What's new in 2nd Speech Center

December 2nd, 2010

  • Ability to "New tab/document" by double clicking on empty tab area.
  • Ability to close tab by middle clicking on tab.
  • Added default hotkeys for "Save As..." and "Close tab".
  • Voices toolbar twisted.
  • Tray pop menu redesigned.
  • Improvements made to display the current voice on the tray voices menu.
  • Improvements made to display the current speed on the tray speed menu.
  • Speak to MP3 temporary files deletion bug fixed.
  • "Save As" command enable/disable bug fixed.

What's new in 2nd Speech Center

Oct 31st, 2010

Menu redesigned:

  • Now the "Voices" menu is an independent top menu.
  • The "Insert Control Tags" menu moved from the "Speech" menu to the "Tools" menu.
  • New "Speed Up/Down/Max/Min" menu items with hotkeys added to the "Tools" menu.
  • The "Voices" and "Speed Up/Down/Max/Min" menu items added to the tray popup menu.

Voices toolbar redesigned:

  • Display percent of volume, speed and pitch.
  • Fine tuning volume, speed and pitch by arrow keys.
  • Hide pitch slider for SAPI5 voices.

Improvements on Watch Clipboard:

  • The "Ignore Clipboard text start with" option added.
  • The "Ignore Clipboard text contain" option added.
  • Now the "Read Now" command will forcedly stop current speaking first.

New functionality and modification:

  • Dozens of preset pronunciation corrections added.
  • SAPI5 XML control tags turn on/off option added.
  • SAPI4 control tags turn on/off option added.
  • Single Instance mode now works perfectly.
  • The "Hide to tray at startup" option added.
  • Speed up/down step option added.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Customizing voices with same id (e.g. IVONA voices) bug fixed.
  • Now the command line mode can be launched correctly when the UI version is running.
  • The "Ignore Clipboard text less than..." bug fixed.
  • Minimize to tray bug fixed.
  • IE toolbar hint on Windows XP bug fixed.
  • IE toolbar option controls state bug fixed.

What's new in 2nd Speech Center

August 22nd, 2010

New Features/Improvements:

Custom Voice List:

  • Show/hide voices.
  • Rearrange voices.
  • Rename voices.

Pronunciation Editor:

  • Enable/disable record separately.
  • "Whole Words" option.
  • New/modify dialog.
  • Wider view.

Talking Reminders:

  • Enable/disable record separately.
  • Recurrence type option.
  • New/modify dialog.
  • Auto-naming.
  • Wider view.

Typing Speak:

  • Typing speak letter by letter.
  • Typing speak word by word.
  • Typing speak sentence by sentence.

Watch Clipboard:

  • Ignore clipboard updates from this application.
  • Now also detect unicode text in system clipboard.
  • Tray icon for Watch Clipboard.
  • The default waiting time of the Clipboard Prompt dialog changed from 9 seconds to 30 seconds.

New Commands/Menu Items:

  • "Close Others".
  • "Find...".
  • "Replace".
  • "Word Wrap".

Command Line Mode (ttscmd):

  • Added a list audio formats command (/f) and audio format option (-f) for SAPI5 voices.
  • /e changed to /v and -e changed to -v.
  • Display index number when list voices (/v).
  • Display more info when reading/converting.
  • More detailed help.


  • Text to WAV/MP3 commands merged.
  • Overriding the default audio output format by choosing different filename extension.
  • All toolbars can be customized now.
  • Allows to repeat answer for multiple confirmations.
  • "Auto-launch at system startup" option.
  • Uncheck the "Read the next document automatically" option as default.
  • Show position tooltips while adjust speed, pitch and volume.
  • The Playback menu changed to the Speech menu.
  • The control tags moved to the Speech menu.

Features Removed:

  • The speech engine built-in pronunciation manager.
  • The "Gray editor when reading" option.
  • The "Highlight word" option.
  • Tray icon selection.
  • The buggy auto-clear memory feature.
  • The Splash window and corresponding option.
  • The "Show Tip of the Day window at startup" option now unchecked by default.

Bugs Fixed:

  • The "Stop" command works for all third party SAPI5 voices now.
  • Unable to pause or stop when the current speaking was interrupted by clipboard reading bug fixed.
  • System tray popup menu now go away normally when clicking out of it.
  • Now window position can be restored correctly.
  • Auto-rename instead of auto-overwrite for audio output auto-naming.
  • "Add/remove .txt context menu commands" memory leak fixed.
  • Speech engine out of range bug fixed for the "-v" switch of ttscmd.
  • HtmlHelp bug on Windows 7 fixed.

See the version history of 2nd Speech Center 0.x-2.x and 3.x.

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