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CD Catalog Expert Testimonials

Here's a big "thank you" to everyone who's written to tell us about their experiences. Although we publish only selected comments, all submissions are read, considered, appreciated ... and important.

  • Should be companied by nero cd creator
    This Program Should be companied by nero cd creator" I really like it a lot, Now I can find any file i wanna get from one of the zebbillion CDs I have .. and the categories are great Go Get It Guys .. and EnJoY
    - rich430
  • a class above all the others
    I easily catalogued all my disks --internal hard drives, external drives and CDs -- almost 100,000 files in all. Then I searched the catalog for some files and, to my amazement, the results were almost instant. I had tried many other programs. Some were ok, most were terrible, but this one is a gem -- a class above all the others.
    - dave
  • an excellent program for cataloging all information burned onto CDR's
    ...finding an excellent program for cataloging all information burned onto CDR's. I have found an excellent program at http://www.zero2000.com/ I have used "CD Catalogue Expert" for a while now and I must tell you it has been a God-send in cataloging all the ten's and hundred's of CDR's I have strewn about all over my computer room. With all kinds of information and downloaded program's I had downloaded and saved in the past I found it increasingly harder and harder to keep up with it all. I hope your readers will find it as useful and invaluable as I have...
    - Bobby Atkins
  • congratulations on all of those features
    - Nice interface; it's attractive and clean. - Good amount of options for display, report content, etc. You can never have enough options. - Categories! Nothing else I've looked at has these. Great feature! - The biggest plus of your program is its speed. It whipped through a CD with nearly 5,000 files in about 5 seconds! Nothing else I tried could touch that. (Some took nearly 3 minutes!) So, congratulations on all of those features.
    - Fred Farrell
  • has everything I want
    I have downloaded a version of your CD Catalog Expert, and gave it a try. I am searching for this type of tool for some time, and this one almost has everything I want.
    - Frederico
  • This may be the product that I have been looking for.
    - J. Ream
  • Thank you for a very quick response.
    - Vegard Hansen
  • Thanks. I'm crossing my fingers (I just registered your program - looks good!).
    - Leo
  • hi, ok, short n' sweet, great program.
    - Don
  • Super software, super service!!!!!!
    - Ernesto Carranco
  • Thanks for the fast response Diana. I will use the product a LOT!
    - kc
  • Many thanks! Now I can get in and get busy. I appreciate your time and support.
    - Kathleen

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