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What's new in CD Catalog Expert 9.30.807.11

  • New fields (Keywords for all items; Storage Location, Index Code, Barcode and Rating for discs) are available.
  • Allows users to disable real-time search results notification for faster search speed.
  • New Disc window redesigned:
    • The shell tree optimized.
    • You can view the volume info of the selected disk directly.
    • Now the last drive/directory'll be selected automatically.
  • Supplies different columns for displaying categories&discs or directories&files and these different columns can be customized respectively.
  • Options window adjusted appreciably.
  • Added a Properties tool button on the main window.
  • Higher privilege (Administrator) needed on Windows Vista.
  • Thumbnail preview and Flip 3D bugs on Windows Vista fixed.
  • Rename folder/file bug fixed.
  • Scroll the outline automatically when user drag an item over the top or bottom of the outline.
  • Now users can view the Outline alphabetically.
  • A tray icon bug fixed.
  • Some minor bugs fixed.
  • Search bugs fixed.
  • Progress display bug fixed.
  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Recall last search scope automatically.
  • Now current search filters display on the searching progress dialog.
  • Search bugs fixed.
  • The startup bug on Windows Vista fixed.
  • The icon drawing bug on Windows Vista fixed.
  • Exporting multiple discs to one report.
  • Exporting with certain columns.
  • Plain text exporting bug fixed.
  • New disc for root directory bug fixed.
  • Sample 1 bug fixed.
  • Query save bug fixed.
  • Listview columns bug fixed.
Version 9.00.061209
  • New generation of database format.
  • Kenel recoded.
  • User interface improved.
  • Searching optimized.
  • Hierarchical categories.
  • Favorites feature added.
  • XML exporting format added.
  • HTML/TXT exporting format optimized.

See the version history of CD Catalog Expert 1.x-8.x.

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