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CD Catalog Expert Faqs

If have a technical support question about CD Catalog Expert, there's a good chance your answer is on this page. If not, or if you need further explanation, please go to our Support Page.

Product Technical Faqs

  • How to catalog batch discs quickly?

    Please uncheck the "Close this dialog automatically after scanning" option and check the "Eject removable media automatically after scanning" option on the New Disc dialog box. And then you can catalog your mass discs conveniently.

    batch catalog
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  • How to backup my catalog?

    You may use the Main Menu>File>Save a Copy command. It'll backup your current catalog to optional path.

    save copy
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  • How to import my old catalogs created by CD Catalog Expert V8.00 into the 9 version?

    You may use the Main Menu>File>Import Old V8.00 Discs command to import your old catalogs into the current catalog.
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  • How to popup the shell context menu directly when right-click on a file or folder?

    Please hold on the Shift key and right-click on an item in the outline view or contents view. Please note it's useless for category items and the catalog root.
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