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Order Information

  • What is your License Policy?

    Single-User License:
    Installation of the program purchased under a Single-User Personal License is restricted to one single personal computer owned by or under control of the licensee plus one additional computer also owned by the licensee, e.g.: One computer at home and another at work, or a desktop at home and a laptop at home. However, at any given time only one copy of the purchased programs may be in use.

    For Personal Use: With Personal License, you can use the software in a business, academic, or government environment and you can only intend to use it for private or employment use and on exactly one computer per license. And you are preventing from selling, distributing or taking other ways to generate revenue directly with the output of the software.

    Multi-User License:
    The license permits you to install the program on the specific numbers of PCs entirely within your family(For personal use), non-profit organizations(Such as schools, for academic use) and corporation within one particular specified location (e.g. office, for commercial use). Pricing varies according to the use. You may not give, transfer or sell multi-user-licensed copies of our product, nor include such copies in, or with products you sell or deliver to any third party users may access the software in any way that is convenient; for example, by accessing copies stored on local hard disks or copies stored on network servers.

    Enterprise License:
    Enterprise License is a type of software licensing agreement that grants the purchaser permission to use the software on a network on a single site, with an unlimited number of end users. Usually this type of license allows you to copy and use the software on multiple computers at one site and is more expensive than purchasing a single copy but less expensive than purchasing a copy for each computer at the site. There may be a maximum specified number of simultaneous end users.
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  • How can I know if my order is processed successfully or not?

    Generally speaking, once the order is successfully processed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail sent from RegNow or ShareIt. The confirmation contains all of your order information, including your registratin name and code, your invoice or receipt.

    If your order fails, you are also supposed to receive a notification. In this case, we suggest you check your order status before placing a new order.
    RegNow: https://www.regnow.com/order_lookup.html

    If your order is successful, but you have not received the registration e-mail within one hour, please contact our support team. We will check your order and resend you the registration e-mail.
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  • I have purchased the download version, how can I get a CD as a backup?

    If you want to get a CD as a backup, please purchase the product with the CD again and then contact us. We will refund you for your previous purchase, for we don't sell the CD separately.

    Actually, if you have an Internet connection, you don't need to purchase the CD. You can download the latest program from our website at any time without any limitation. Purchasing the CD is totally a waste of money. The CD is just for those who don't have an Internet connection. And the CD doesn't contain the registration information.

    You can download the program, and then burn it with your registration information onto a CD as a backup by yourself, or save them together on your computer or some USB storage devices.
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  • Can I cancel my order after placing it?

    We are sorry that your order can not be canceled. Due to the automated way that orders are processed and fulfilled, once an order is processed, it cannot be canceled. If you would like to request a refund, please see our Refund Policy.
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  • Is it secure to buy the discounted programs from the websites that are not yours?

    We have authorized our affiliates to sell our products, but we cannot ensure all the websites selling our programs are secure. Some people crack our products and sell them on the Internet. And we do not guarantee upgrades and support for any pirated software. If you find such a website, please provide us with the link for confirmation. There is no problem to purchase our products from our affiliates, but we recommend purchasing products from us directly for guaranteed upgrades and technical support.
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  • What is "Extended Download Service"?

    The Extended Download Service is an optional service offered by the payment processor (RegNow or ShareIt) at an additional cost. Once you purchase this service, you'll be entitled to 1-year re-download service for the very version of the product you purchased, which means the service provider will a keep backup copy of the current version of the product you purchased, and allows you to download it from the link given to you at any time.

    Do I have to purchase this "Extended Download Service"? What if I don't purchase it?
    The short answer is NO. Once you purchase any product from Zero2000 Software, you can retrieve the download and registration information for the product you purchased for free. The only concern for you is that Zero2000 Software always keeps the latest version of the product on our server. If you only need to download the very version when you purchased at any time, then you can add this extended download service as a plus.[ ↑ Back to top ]

  • Can I order without a credit card?

    In addition to Credit Cards, we accept Checks, PayPal, Money Orders and Wire Transfers. If you choose to pay by Check, Money Order or Wire Transfer select the appropriate payment method on the payment page. There are detailed directions for you to process the order.
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  • How can I get an invoice?

    We provide an electronic invoice for every purchase. After your order is processed successfully, our payment platform will send you a confirmation mail. You can click the link of the invoice in the e-mail and print it by yourself.

    If you lost the confirmation e-mail, please contact the payment platform directly.
    REGNOW: http://www.regnow.com/faq.html
    SHAREIT: http://www.shareit.com
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  • Do I have to pay sales tax?

    We charge applicable sales tax for orders shipped to California, Minnesota and Washington. Sales tax is automatically computed on both product(s) and shipping costs.

    Since July 1, 2003 VAT (Tax) are applied on all Digital products sold into the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and The United Kingdom.

    About Regnow and ShareIt - Zero2000 Software authorized Regnow and ShareIt to accept credit card orders world-wide and to send ESD products directly. This payment server is based in the USA. Regnow and ShareIt are online order fulfillment services for digital goods merchants on the Internet. They are self-service registration, resell, and payment sites for publishers of software, and other electronic goods. Both of them are divisions of Digital River®
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  • Are there any discounts available for education organizations?

    Zero2000 Software offers the same everyday low prices to all users. Sort of like Wal-Mart, without all that evil. But we also offer educational (also known as academic) pricing for anyone in academia. Simply email support(AT)zero2000.com from your .edu or other school-related email address, and we'll provide the needed discount code for you. In addition, we offer price breaks for volume licensing, perfect for labs and large companies. These discounts are applied automatically when ordering.
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  • What is the CD version?

    Actually, the CD is just a storage medium for backing up the software. After your order is processed successfully, we will send you the registration code and the download link.

    If you have ordered a CD, RegNow or ShareIt will send you the CD with a copy of the latest version of this software on the same day. You need to wait for 1-3 weeks before it finally arrives.

    If you have not received your CD, please contact:
    RegNow: http://www.regnow.com/help_contact.html
    ShareIt: http://www.shareit.com

    Before you get this CD, you can download a copy of the software from the download link, and register it with the registration information. The CD doesn't contain the registration code. If you install the software from your CD, you still need to register it with the registration code which we send you. If you upgrade the software later, and get a new registration code, your CD and former registration code may become useless. You cannot register the software on the CD with the new registration code.
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  • Can I order a CD and how long can I get it?

    While placing the order, please click the Add button on the right to add a CD to your shopping cart. After your order is successfully processed, you will receive a registration e-mail. And the CD will be delivered on the same day.

    The CD cannot be returned, so please think twice before ordering a CD.

    It takes 1 to 3 weeks for the CD to arrive, depending on your location.
    - US Domestic Shipping 7-14 Days
    - Canada Shipping 9-16 Days
    - International 12-21 Days

    Before you get the CD, you can download the program and register it with the registration code to get the full version.
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  • Can I change my CD shipping address?

    Unfortunately, you can not change your shipping address after your order has been submitted. The order is immediately sent to the fulfillment agency and can no longer be changed by our system. If your package is not successfully delivered, it will be returned to the warehouse.

    If you place the order on ShareIt, please contact them at: http://ccc.shareit.com/ccc/index.html

    If you place the order on RegNow, please contact them at: accounts@regnow.com
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